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I’m Dave Hinchliffe and this is my website about Intermittent Fasting.
I’m using intermittent  fasting to lose weight and get fitter and healthier whilst still leading a (fairly) normal life.
I’m losing 2kg a month without really trying hard at all (and having a couple of blow outs as well!)
So I decided to make a website about it because I reckon that it’s such a simple and easy way to improve your life more people ought to give it a try.

Really, if I can manage it, anyone can. I’m no health nut and I’m also about as skeptical about the latest health fads and gimmicks as it’s possible to be.

This site is aimed at people like me who are looking for simple ways to improve their health that don’t mean a complete overhaul of their lifestyle. As well as fasting I’ll also be searching for simple tricks, tips and hacks that you can use to get fitter, healthier and lighter.

So have a read and I reckon you’ll be amazed how simple and easy intermittent fasting really is.



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